Saturday, November 05, 2005

May and June Journal Quilts

I've already posted pictures of these journal quilts as they were also ones which went to the Art Doing Good project. I haven't heard if these sold, so if you bought one and happen to read this, do let me know!

May Journal Quilt

May piece
Fused page. This was the result of lesson 2 of Lily’s course, playing with patterns and doodling. Adding lines. I wanted to experiment with fusing fabrics. I like the bold colours and shapes. I enjoyed playing with the shapes and putting them together like a jigsaw. Quilting - not sure at all how to proceed. Have quilted lines down the length of the long pink piece and the shorter green/brown piece. How to do the background - spirals? Square spirals? Not sure I like it now it’s partly quilted but that may be the effect of it only being partly completed.

Eventually decided and quite like the way it is now. Zigzagged the edges to bind it with a decorative zigzag stitch and metallic thread. Not sure if I like this.

June Journal Quilt

Worked on the wisteria pod design again., and developed the curvy shapes outwards. Decided to use shades of brown fabric on it - different fabrics to experiment with texture and layering and arranged from light to dark outwards to inwards. Sewed it by applique from the back and decided to leave most of it with raw edges, just satin stitching the outer edges of the curves.

I made quite a few odd 'wondering' notes at this time - here they are:

Maybe do one of the hand which I’ve drawn in ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’, copying it on to fabric with the light box and painting it or using Markels.


Something with soldering iron - using workshop ideas.

What I like:
bold ethnic designs
Realistic landscape, nature designs
Copy historic textiles?
Try some of the textures I did for the stones/walls board.
A face or drawing of a person - solitude, isolation - link to cocoon idea.
I find that the way I work is in little bits, the idea comes and gets developed slowly and often agonisingly; I leave it for long periods for the right side of my brain to work on it and often there is a long gap between completing the top and starting the quilting and binding. I don’t like traditional binding so am experimenting with lots of different methods. I found Valerie Campbell-Harding’s book ‘Edges and Finishes in Embroidery useful.


At 11/06/2005 12:19:00 pm, Blogger mary m. said...


The quilting you did in the May piece is perfect...I really like that "thatching" effect juxtoposed with the flowing lines. Your neutral colors make the brights sing.

June is very interesting and organic....thanks for sharing your notes is important to write down your preferences and where you want to go...I believe you reach your own personal style and voice sooner.


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