Wednesday, November 02, 2005

General Journal Quilts notes

These are my 'before I started' journal quilts notes. They are brief and fragmented, like my train of thought! This was written back in January:


Things considered.
Cityscapes/ houses. People in them? Detritus around.
Drawing on the right side of the brain. Lots of stuff coming at me about spaces in between, looking at negative space. Not just from the book.
Raindrops/ reflections in puddles/ distortion.
Would like to experiment with drawing figures with sewing machine/ use of words
Experiment with different types of binding as I hate traditional binding.
Trouble is all these ideas and what to do first and where to start. Wallowing in a sea of confusion.

Sketchbook. Read Sandra Meech, Maxine’s articles in Quilting Arts magazine, Ann Johnston's book on design to work out how they went about deciding on an idea and taking it forward. Have signed up for the Journal Quilts course with QU.

Would like to try to depict abstract themes, emotions, feelings, protest etc.

Trouble deciding how to start."

I will intersperse the rest of my notes with the photos of the journal quilts because that was how I wrote them.... but for now I have to go and collect Zachary from school. More later today!!


At 11/04/2005 09:45:00 am, Blogger Frances said...

oh Liz I know just what you mean, long ago when I was at a class the tutor was talking about how to get ideas and I said I had ideas but wanted help channelling them, still do althought I am getting better at making myself put blinkers on long enough to actually finish some ideas,


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