Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dreaming Spirals it is!!

Thank you everyone for your comments and thoughts about naming my website. I thought about it long and hard and appreciate the pros and cons of promoting my name rather than 'dreaming spirals'. It was, however, Rayna's comment " just doesn't do it for me. No glamour. No pzazz. " that finally swayed me. "" doesn't do it for me either. Even less if anything... So Dreaming Spirals was what I decided on.

I've been sweating hard the last few evenings and have more or less hammered out the homepage and basic layout (had a crash course in CSS from the internet in the process; there are some brilliant sites out there!). Having done that, I've now got to refine the content and learn all about thumbnails. Watch this space...

We had a fairly fun time at Cadbury World yesterday ... it would have been better without the half term crowds, but we stuffed ourselves on chocolate - lots of samples and a fun tasters of yummy melted chocolate. At every turn I bewailed forgetting my camera. "If I had my camera I could blog this...." was the lament several times during the day.

I found a nice fabric shop in the morning visit to Worcester too. I bought some ballpoint needles to see if they make it any easier stitching on soluble fabric and some Janome bobbins because I keep treading on my old one ... I'm used to my old machine with metal bobbins. These plastic ones are too flimsy. Are you listening, Janome??

We also climbed the tower of Worcester Cathedral - puff, puff, all 256 steps of it. Wonderful view. More laments.


At 11/04/2005 09:36:00 am, Blogger Frances said...

Hi Liz, I have been on the mainland for a couple of weeks and am trying to catch upon blogs and e mails so I have not read your original post and comments, I know what you mean about your name not doing it for you, does not do it for me but the reason I decided on it in the end was to be located, I used the name 'A Room of my own' when I started from the book by Virgina Woolf 'A room of ones own' it inspired me the need for a woman to have her own time and space, but when I took a website I was very aware of all the comments on QA about google searches, so make sure that if someone googles Liz Plummer they find your website or blog, just my opinion,


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