Thursday, November 03, 2005

March Journal Quilt

I returned to the wisteria pod theme later on in the year, but March and April Journal Quilts were different. I did Lily Kerns' Journal Quilts course at Quilt University in March which I can thoroughly recommend.

My statement for March read:
Rumer Godden’s evocative description of a kitchen in The Greengage Summer inspired me to represent it abstractly by collaging fabrics, stamping with fabric paints and adding beads and other textures. Not sure whether it is too cluttered…

and here are my rough notes for the whole period, including all my meanderings about other possible routes to take:
Excerpt from The Greengage Summer - tried to experiment with an abstract rendering of the words and collage. Echoed words and shapes with fabric and paint and added other fabrics for texture and to enhance the atmosphere of a welcoming kitchen. Not sure about final page - looks a bit cluttered. A bit like a design journal for a piece of work with the notes added in writing. A lot going on in a small space. Maybe would work better as a bigger piece.

Did journal quilt course with QU. This added to my ideas but also to my confusion with the profusion of ideas and possibilities. I did the road quilt in raw edge reverse applique. It is a simplified drawing of spaghetti junction, a notoriously complicated motorway junction in Birmingham, UK, graphically illustrating all the choices and questions I was asking, all the techniques and design ideas open to me. Added question mark. I like the contrast of colours in this.
I posted a picture of this already. right at the top of the page

I did April today as well but my wretched ISP cut me off and this was all I could recover. More when I'm not so cross-eyed!


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