Friday, November 04, 2005

April Journal Quilt.
April page - inspired by weeping willow with sun behind it. Prepared background quickly to take away for Easter holiday - took piece of calico and layered silk of different thicknesses - greens, blues, yellows, browns - over it. Wanted to do abstract design based on falling stems with new leaves with light behind. Enjoyed doing it but again difficult to know whether I had done enough. The trouble is in being able to see a finished piece when it is mid-way through and looks messy and awful. I THINK I like this though there isn�t much contrast in value - a bit wishy washy for me. I like the shiny effect of the silk.

This was one of the four which did not go to Houston. I donated it to the Art Doing Good project and it is now in the collection of Peg Keeney.


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