Friday, October 07, 2005

Colourful Cubs

Zachary enjoyed his cubs night last night, although he came in and announced that he felt sick, having ate so much! Akela had asked each Six (which is the name of each individual cub group) to bring in food of a specific colour. Zachary's six were green, so they had a three course meal consisting of melon, kiwifruit and lime for starter; peas, beans and brussels sprouts for main course and green jelly for pudding! Plus, of course, the drinks Zachary took. Zachary's friend is in another six whose colour was yellow and orange and they had banana split for pud. I don't think anyone was enterprising enough to colour spaghetti or rice with green food colouring - I remember having red spaghetti whilst in a student flat at university! But great fun was had by all...


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