Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Journal Quilts donated to the Art Doing Good Project

The following four quilts are the journal quilts which I left out of my five which had to be sent to Houston. I decided to donate them to Laura Cater-Woods' Open Hearts, Helping Hands Project to raise money for the victims of the hurricanes in the US - see Art Doing Good. They will be in Phase 2, which are to be sold at Festival at Houston (see Quilts Inc for details).

I also donated 4 postcards but to my embarrassment I can't remember which they are so I can't post any photos, so if any of you are going to Houston, do look out for them!! Karey Bresenham, the organiser of the Journal Quilt Project, gave me permission to post photos of just these four before the event itself.

If anyone goes to Houston and manages to see any of these or my Journal Quilts, I would love a photo of them in situ seeing as I can't be there myself!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!


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