Monday, September 19, 2005

Magazines... and books

Diane at Going to Pieces asked what magazines we subscribe to. Well, after all the long lists I've seen, I feel very frugal when admitting that Quilting Arts is the only one. I do buy different ones occasionally in shops - Workbox, Stitch magazine (the Embroiderer's Guild), British Patchwork and Quilting, but Quilting Arts is my only subscription. When I visit a town with a Borders, I look out for Belle Armoire or the Surface Design Journal (that's another one I wouldn't mind subscribing to), or Raw Vision. That's a magazine about outsider art. I like the bold colours and the ethnic or eccentric nature of it. I get the occasional dressmaking magazine too - Sewing World, I think it's called. But these are all irregular purchases which I buy if opportunity allows, or if there's an article inside which grabs me.

Like Valeri at dyeing 2 sew, I prefer books. I thought of buying Improvisational Screen Printing by Jane Dunnewold at the Festival of Quilts but thought I'd wait and buy it online. But now I find I can't get it online in the UK anywhere... oh well. Something for my Christmas list!


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