Monday, September 12, 2005

This is what I've been doing this morning. A colour study from Joen Wolfrom's book, The Visual Dance. I have sorted some of my fabrics into, from top left, pure colours, tints, warm shades, cool shades, light-valued tones, medium-valued tones and dark-valued tones. The colours on the photo aren't all accurate. I'm not sure about some of the ones I've put under tints. And, as she predicted in her book, I've got mostly tones (which she defines as greyed colours). I found it quite hard to distinguish between these and some of the lighter shades (which she defines as colours mixed with varying amounts of black. Now I've got to put it up on a wall and see if any look wrong... So... I've now got most of my fabrics arranged differently. I seem to spend more time organising fabrics than actually using them. Am I the only one with this problem??


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