Monday, May 16, 2005

Well, I'm certainly giving my sewing room/studio a good springclean! I decided that as I'm obviously ambivalent about the name, I should put my dressmaking fabrics to one side where they won't be so obvious and distracting and then hopefully I can truly call it a studio!

I've been sorting through all the painted papers I've got since they were cluttering up the floor and there was a huge pile of them. I can't bring myself to throw them away, so I've been sorting them into colours and then I'm going to make them into experimental packs by pairing them up with fabric, thread and other bits and pieces and then hopefully I'll get inspired to make something with them if they are in small, manageable units already matched up.

I've also got a huge pile of photos, drawings and other notes which eventually I will sort through and decide which I want to use as inspiration and develop into designs. I always seem to get an idea and then not be able to find images to match (eg. last week I got the idea of doing something with people walking, from watching the world go by while sitting in Starbucks (my favourite occupation), but I need photos and pictures because can I draw??? I have to trace anything like that.... ) But I can never find anything I want to when I want it... maybe I should get more Google-savvy.

So... the idea eventually is to get to the stage where I can actually vaccuum the room without breaking the vaccuum cleaner. Or maybe that is a tad optimistic?

I took Barnabas to the hospital to have his stitches out today. They seemed happy with him but told him no contact sports or fighting for a couple of weeks! I wonder if that'll mean I get a quiet life or if I have to watch him every minute? Probably the latter...


At 5/18/2005 08:08:00 am, Blogger kay susan said...

I did City & Guilds too, and I've also got a room full of notes, sketches, decorated papers, samples, design just goes on and on. Sometimes its like having half eaten sandwiches lying around everywhere and not time to polish them off!


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