Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The picture below is on mountboard, by the way, not fabric.

I've got through Day 2 of No Reading so far, although it is amazing how much you read unconsciously, without realising you are doing it. I did spend the morning doing errands and stuff on the computer so that gave me my words fix for the day. By the way, I will read comments on my personal email (cheating, no doubt!! but can't miss important emails, can I????) so feel free to make any!

One thing I've found actually is that I do a lot less reading than I thought and a lot more niggling, annoying (and sometimes enjoyable!) bits and pieces for the kids and round the house. I think it's harder in the evening when I'm tired and just want to flop in front of the computer or with a good book. But it's amazing just how much the written word form an integral part of everyday life.

Anyway, enough drivel! More pictures tomorrow!


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