Friday, March 04, 2005

Zachary's birthday

I'll try and post something else later today but I've now got to wallow in jelly and cake mix and various other yummies for Zachary's birthday, while I slip on the Harry Potter Lego he's left scattered on the floor. How come it's so much easier getting them up on their birthdays than any other school day of the year? And how come they are always up and awake early and in front of the telly at weekends but have to be woken for school? One of life's little mysteries.

I'm off to a stumpwork workshop tomorrow. I'm having second thoughts about it as it seems so structured, compared to my usual classes. We had to get specific colours of embroidery threads and are going to be creating blackberries and raspberries - not my usual style at all... I'll post photos of the results.


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