Monday, September 05, 2005

Hassles and rush

Haven't got my blogring postcards out yet - I've got them all addressed but am still thinking of what to write on them! Something witty eludes me so far...

The kids went back to school today and I've been rushed off my feet... The local Council and the local bus company decided, last year, to buy some new, yellow, state of the art school coaches, complete with seatbelts, CCTV and CD players, and until Saturday all was hunky dory. Anselm had a seat on one and I was expecting that Barnabas, who started high school with him this year, would have another. But no... they changed the route and my kids don't have a seat. Instead of catching the bus across the road from our house, they have to walk a mile, either to the bus station in town to a crowded bus where they're packed in like cattle. Or another bus in the other direction also a mile away. They weren't the only ones. So I've been on the phone today, to the school, to the bus company, to a friend who is in the same situation (haaa... the lady in the bus company said she had had LOTS of phone calls this morning, lucky her!!). And I wrote a letter to said bus company ... not a stroppy one, a very polite one with a suggestion for a solution (wasn't I restrained? !!).

Amidst all this, I made an online order for a supermarket delivery and went to town to buy food and to post the spare journal quilts and postcards I'm sending to Laura for the Hurricane appeal sale. So at least we're not going to starve. And I've also made a rice pudding and a salad for tonight, and fed the breadmaker. Is it any wonder I haven't managed to read my emails or EVEN OPEN my Quilting Arts magazine which plopped on to my doormat this morning?

So now I have to go to school to pick up son number 3 who is still at primary school (only one left there... gulp... and I've been walking there each day for 9 years now!). Maybe I'll have a reading fest this evening? Then tomorrow ... maybe I'll even write the postcards? or sew something?

Can't you tell I'm hyper??? or hypoglycaemic??? I only got my lunch at 2.15 and I usually have it at 12.30! Oh well... if I lose a few pounds something good will have come of the bus crisis...


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