Tuesday, August 23, 2005

See that bridge? That's Potter Heigham, and our boat went through there! You have to moor and get a pilot to take you through, and you can only go through for about an hour a day when the tide is low enough. We missed it the first day because our starter motor battery gave up and we had to get the boatyard's engineer out to replace it, and by the time he had done it, we had missed the tide! And, poor man, he had to walk half a mile up the river because we were moored about that distance from the nearest road (I don't know how they got furniture and stuff to the houses there because there were loads of them all along the riverbank). By boat I suppose. But he didn't have to carry a spare battery all that way - he changed over the leads to one of the other batteries, drove us down to this bridge where his car was parked, and then replaced the defunct battery and changed the leads back.


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