Saturday, August 27, 2005

Google Earth

I've been improving my geography over the last few days with a (probably) completely pointless exercise. Over the last week, lots of people on the Quiltart list have been saying where they live. So Mrs Pedantic here has decided to put them all into Google Earth . If I'd known how long it was going to take I'd probably never have started it. But my knowledge of the USA has improved in leaps and bounds. If you've never tried Google Earth, give it a go! It's wonderful! You can waste hours zooming in on aerial photos all over the globe ... wonderful. I think I needed something mindless this week. I'm exhausted with the holiday (we never seem to go on holiday for a rest!) and Holiday Club. Although I did manage to wash the kitchen floor this morning. Oh well... only the a's to c's to go now (don't ask why I started at z... ).


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