Sunday, June 19, 2005

Phew, it's hot here!

It's so hot here (can't complain, doesn't happen very often in Wales!) that I can't think of doing very much except lazing around. I finished off another journal quilt on Friday - I always get to the stage of completing the top and then seem to be unable to quilt or bind it until at least a month has gone by...

I spent yesterday afternoon at a BBQ which my husband was involved in organising - in aid of a local aid agency called Health Help International which buys medical and other stuff for a place in Zambia and also in India... somehow got sucked into slicing about 3lbs of onions but at least it meant that DH had to keep an eye on the kids... which for them meant helping cook the food on the BBQ. They had great fun!

DH also provided the burgers and ended up bringing 16 defrosted ones home - so today we had burger casserole! It tasted surprisingly nice too...

Against my better judgement (!) I have signed up for Lisa's Playweek next week. I think I'll try sunprinting (that'll bring the clouds!) as I bought some stuff for it ages ago and haven't done that yet. Plenty of leaves and stuff around too. Watch this space!


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