Monday, April 04, 2005

This and that

I've had a busy day today. It's still the Easter holidays here and the boys all went off to a Manchester United Soccerschool roadshow which in theory meant I'd have all day to myself. In practice I spent an hour and a half delivering them, exploring the local buses as I don't like driving especially in the rush hour (most of the time was spent hanging round waiting for everyone to arrive because the bus was actually very quick) and then another hour going to collect them at the end.

The rest of the day I spent packing up two wallhangings to go to a quilt show (the first one I've ever entered - gulp! Will I see them again?!). And going to the post office to buy more bubblewrap and brown paper. I also managed to finish off my fourth journal quilt and take photos of all of them to send off to the Project by next month...phew! Must sit down and knit those socks sometime...


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