Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday again

The kids were back at school today and as usual I frittered the time away reading emails and stuff like that and panicking about what to do first and ending up not doing very much. Until after lunch when I had a sudden spurt of activity and moved the mosaic wallhanging on a stage and did a bit of playing with paints. I'll post a pic of the latter tomorrow. I also put some gesso on some of the handmade paper I made in January in preparation for painting them. I thought I'd do something to produce texture like that on my landscape board.

I've limited the kids to 2 hours TV and/or computer a day and after that they have to do chores or beseech me most sincerely for a bit extra.... It worked quite well yesterday (the first day so I gave them 3 hours), although Anselm, the almost teenager, had a very realistic toddler tantrum for a few minutes after his 3 hours was up. But after that they all did art and played 'Game of Life' and football in the garden until they came to blows as usual. Easier today because of school!


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